Dangerous Sweets Your Albuquerque Dentist Suggests Avoiding on Valentine's Day

Every year on February 14th, millions of people celebrate love.  Valentine’s Day gifts typically include flowers, stuffed animals, and a never-ending supply of candy! While Dr. Bao wants you to enjoy your holiday, your Albuquerque dentist also wants to remind you of the importance of protecting your teeth. Candies high in sugar can lead to cavity causing bacteria. Here are some candies to avoid this holiday season:
Gummy & Sticky 
The texture of sticky candy can be particularly hard to remove from teeth. When stuck in between or on teeth in hard to reach places, bacteria is given ample time to penetrate teeth. 
This type of candy is a dental professional's nightmare. Traditional metal braces brackets create more places for bacteria to hide. Removing these candies from teeth with braces can be even more difficult, and brackets are often broken during the process.
Hard Candy
Hard candies increase your chances of breaking your teeth. Chips and cracks may result from chewing on their hard surface. Hard candy also spends more time in your mouth as they dissolve slowly. Again, the more time sugar and bacteria spend in your mouth, the more time bacteria has to attack your beautiful teeth.
Sour Candy
Sour candies are not only typically sticky in texture, but high in acid, and coated in an outer layer of visible sugar. The high levels of acidity can weaken and break down the outer most layer of teeth. When the outer shell surface becomes damaged, your pearly whites become vulnerable to potential cavities.
What Candy Can I Have?
Chocolate is typically your best bet on Valentine’s Day! The texture does not stick to teeth as much as alternate options and is easier to wash away post consumption. If available, dark chocolate is even better for your oral health than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate contains more sugar and cream ingredients than dark chocolate options.
This Valentine’s Day, pick up your loved one a heard shaped box of chocolate, and leave those hard, sticky, sour candy options on the shelf!
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