Teledentistry in Albuquerque, NM

Teledentistry is a dental practice that involves telecommunications and associated technologies to deliver and coordinate oral care. In a real sense, Teledentistry includes connecting everyone involved in the dental care journey for more smooth and efficient care. At A Better Smile Dentistry in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we use technology to enable our patients to get the required medical care in the comforts of their homes.

How Can Teledentistry Help?

Teledentistry can provide vital help to patients who might otherwise go to the emergency room. It helps take off unnecessary strain on the emergency staff. Teledentistry ensures that patients still get the quality dental care they need in the current pandemic situation of restrictions and travel complications. It will continue to offer practical dental solutions for many years to come. 

The Benefits of Teledentistry

Teledentistry benefits both dental practices and patients. Dental procedures can reach patients with erratic schedules or difficulty commuting, expanding their reach to a larger community. Additionally, offering some services outside an office set-up can reduce the number of people in the clinic at one time, protecting against COVID-19 risk. For instance:

  • A dental coordinator can work from home and complete case conferences through video conferencing.
  • Patients who fail a COVID-19 test can receive immediate dental care and medications at home, with instructions to follow up in person after their symptoms have cleared.
  • Since lengthy cleaning procedures take time, seeing some less severe cases by video consultation can free up more chair time for patients that need to be in the office. For instance, a parent concerned about an erupting tooth's position can send an image of their child's mouth instead of bringing them to our office for a five-minute examination.
  • Patients can save time, gas, and effort. Teledentistry is especially useful for people located in remote areas.
  • Weekend and late-night Teledentistry hours can give people an alternative to emergency room care for dental emergencies. 
  • Patients with dental phobia may benefit from Teledentistry since it allows them to avail the required dental care and get to know the office staff outside the stressful dental practice environment. 
  • By arranging remote consultations for a first visit, we can ease patients' anxiety.
  • Prescribe the necessary antibiotics and pain medication so that a patient can get urgent relief outside office hours.
  • It allows the dental professionals to assess the condition of a dental appliance for orthodontics using either live video or still images from the patient's camera.
  • Current treatment plans and financing options after an initial in-office examination or consultation.
  • Give patients advice on after-surgery routines or home care.
  • Recommend dental treatments such as specific toothbrushes or oral rinses and check on patient compliance and experiences with these treatments.

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