Same-Day Crown in Albuquerque, NM

A flawless smile can improve your oral health and restore self-confidence. A missing or impaired tooth can affect your smile and make it harder to perform oral functions. If you want to replace missing teeth fast, you may benefit from a CEREC same-day crown. This restoration is designed to look and function like your natural teeth and help deliver a new smile on the same day. 

What Are Same-Day Crowns?

A CEREC crown is a device created and fitted onto your compromised tooth on the same day. It used to take at least two appointments and a few weeks to place a crown in the past. But with modern dental technology like CAD (computer-aided design) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), your new appliance will be manufactured in a single appointment, from a single ceramic block.

Am I a Candidate for a Same-day Crown?

At A Better Smile Dentistry in Albuquerque, we work to help you realize the smile of your dreams. CEREC same-day crowns can be utilized for multiple purposes and enhance your smile's appearance and function. This restoration may be apt if you are looking to:

  • Strengthen a tooth after a root canal
  • Hide stains and discoloration
  • Cover a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Conceal a dental implant

Same-Day Dental Crown Procedure

During your first consultation, our dentist, Dr. Bao, will evaluate your smile and assess oral health to determine your suitability for the treatment. The following steps are involved in the same-day crown process.


We will numb the gums and teeth to ensure your comfort. If necessary, we provide sedation options for additional wellbeing.

Tooth Preparation

We will remove all the damaged material before contouring the tooth. This process is done to restore your health and ensure that your crown will fit in your smile.

Digital Impressions

Next, we take digital impressions using CEREC technology.   Unlike traditional molds that require messy dental putty, digital impressions are quick, clean, and efficient. 

Designing the Crown

Once the impressions have been captured, we upload them directly onto the computer monitor. The new crown is planned to match your tooth shade and surrounding structures.

Crown Fabrication

We send the information to our milling machine. Over the next two hours, this milling unit will manufacture your crown from a solid block of dental-grade porcelain. 

Crown Placement

Once your crown is ready, we will assess its fit. We will secure the crown in position using dental adhesives if no adjustments are required. 

How Long Do Same-Day Crowns Last?

Same-day crowns can last ten to fifteen years and more. But you have to follow proper oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits for comprehensive oral evaluations and dental cleanings.


To learn more about our same-day crown restorations, visit our office, A Better Smile Dentistry, at 475 Coors Blvd NW, Ste A, in Albuquerque, NM 87121. You can also reach Dentist in Albuquerque NM at (505) 208-0505.



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