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Dentures are artificial teeth that are removable and composed of acrylic (plastic), nylon, or metal. They fit securely over the gums as a replacement for the lost teeth and eliminate gaps that cause hindered functionality. Missing teeth leave gaps that can make eating and speaking difficult. Dentures can help you avoid speaking issues, improve your smile's appearance, and boost your confidence.


Complete dentures 

All of a patient's teeth are replaced by complete dentures. Unlike dental bridges, which are attached to existing teeth, they sit on top of the gums. After the teeth have been removed/extracted, complete dentures are usually provided within 8-12 weeks.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are employed when a patient still has some of their natural teeth. A pink-colored base is connected to a metal component. The denture is held in place in the mouth by these two pieces. They are convenient and removable, allowing you to remove them whenever you choose.

How are Dentures Fitted in Your Mouth?

The entire procedure for denture creation will take a few appointments. On your first appointment, the dentist will identify your problem, check your candidacy for getting dentures, and decide the best type of dentures for you based on your needs and preferences. A series of imprints of your jaw and measurements of how your jaws interact with one another and how much space there is between them will be taken. These measurements will aid in fabricating your dentures. The final dentures are fabricated and fitted in your mouth after they are checked for a perfect fit.

How Should I Care for My Dentures?

  • If you drop your dentures, they may break. Please handle them carefully.
  • Brush and soak your dentures once a day to keep them clean. Brush your dentures first to eliminate any food particles. Instead of toothpaste, use a non-abrasive denture cleanser. 
  • Scrubbing too vigorously might produce grooves on the surface. Always wipe your dentures using a folded towel or a bowl of water.
  • Make sure to clean all of the dentures' surfaces, especially the one that rests against your gums.
  • Place your dentures in a denture-cleaning solution every day. This will aid in the removal of any remaining plaque and stains. It will also assist in keeping your dentures clean.

Dentures make it simple to restore the aesthetic appeal and natural function of your smile, allowing you to reclaim your sense of self.

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