Dental Crowns and Bridges in Albuquerque, NM

Dental crowns and bridges are common restorative procedures used in case of missing teeth, cracked, chipped, broken, and misshapen teeth. Both these treatments intend to restore the functionality and appearance of your teeth.

You may visit our clinic for these restorations. We will conduct your dental examination and decide on a more suitable procedure.

What is a Crown?

A crown, also known as a cap, covers your entire affected teeth, replacing the outer layer of enamel with new material. We contour it to the size and appearance of your remaining teeth so that the restoration looks natural. Crowns work just like your natural teeth and improve your bite and appearance.

Dental crowns are made from several materials such as dental-grade plastic, ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, etc. In general, you may need two dental visits for the treatment to complete. But these days, same-day crowns are also available where you can opt for this restoration in one day only.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

You may need a dental crown in case of a large cavity. We remove the cavity and cover it with a crown.

If your teeth already have a filling covering more than half of their surface, the remaining structure becomes weak to withstand chewing and other forces. We cover this surface with dental crowns.

We recommend this procedure if you have cracks in your teeth.

Crowns are also suggested after a root canal treatment to avoid cracking your teeth and recurring infection.

What is a Bridge?

As the name suggests, a dental bridge is used to bridge the gaps between your teeth. The restoration replaces some of your teeth, especially when your functioning teeth are available on both sides of your missing tooth.

In this arrangement, the adjacent teeth or retainers are covered by the bridge in exactly the manner as crowns cover your teeth. The difference between both these restorations is that the former connects the crowns to a prosthetic tooth replacement or pontic in the space of your missing teeth.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

  • Dental bridges are a quick and effective way to replace one or a few of your missing teeth.
  • The procedure doesn’t require any surgery. It completes within two visits only.
  • If maintained properly, your dental bridge will last long. All you need to do is follow proper oral hygiene to care for your dental bridge.

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