Dentist Open Weekends in Albuquerque Performs Wisdom Teeth Removal

A major milestone in your dental health is the development of your wisdom teeth, which usually happens between the ages of 17 and 21. Your wisdom teeth are your third molars and are often referred to as wisdom teeth because they come through at a more mature age. It’s normal is feel a little discomfort when they initially appear, but if you feel pain, you should see Dr. Bao immediately. If you’re unable to see us during the week, we're also a dentist open on weekends, so give us a call.
If there isn’t enough space for your wisdom teeth to grow in, this leads to dental issues. Your wisdom teeth may grow in the wrong position, they can become trapped underneath your gums, or trapped in your jaw. Wisdom teeth that surface in the wrong direction causes food to become trapped, resulting in cavity-causing bacteria to grow. Wisdom teeth that haven’t come in properly also make it hard to floss in between the wisdom teeth and molars next to them. It also causes overcrowding and damage neighboring teeth. 
The American Dental Association explains the most common reasons for the removal of wisdom teeth include cysts, pain, infection, gum disease, tooth decay, tumors, or damage to neighboring teeth.  If you're receiving treatment for braces or other dental care, Dr. Bao may recommend that your wisdom teeth be removed. We'll examine your mouth first before deciding what’s best for your teeth. You can schedule an appointment with our weekend dentist in Albuquerque or during the week to find out if it’s necessary to remove your wisdom teeth.
If your wisdom teeth aren't removed, they'll be monitored just in case future problems develop. As you get older, there’s a greater risk of developing. It’s essential to keep up with your oral health. This includes brushing and flossing in between your wisdom teeth daily and making sure you’re visiting A Better Smile Dentistry regularly for routine check-ups. 
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