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3 Tips for a Healthier Smile

There is no lack of information available for those who want to have a more attractive smile. From veneers to bonding to whitening products, there is more than enough to choose from when it comes to making your teeth shine. But while these treatments certainly make teeth look good, it is important or them to feel good, too. In other words, teeth shouldn’t just look healthy—they should actually be healthy. So what can you do (that you don’t already know about) to really enhance the health of your teeth? Here are a few things to consider:


Flossing is an underestimated benefit to your teeth. The harsh truth is that you need to be flossing every day, without exception. Teeth are multi-dimensional and require cleaning of different places to be entirely clean. You don’t wash half your face, or one side of your body, why would you do this your teeth? If you want to have the healthiest smile possible, you have to floss every day. It’s as simple as that.

Stop Smoking

It should not surprise you that smoking is bad for the mouth and teeth, as it is basically bad for every part of the body. Smoking does a lot of bad things to your mouth and teeth, including reducing salivary flow, which makes it far easier for cavities to form. It also causes premature staining and aging of the teeth. Smoking is also a huge risk factor for developing gum disease, which in later stages can lead to tooth loss. And, of course, smokers are at a much greater risk for oral cancer.

Stop Bad Tooth Habits

Your teeth are designed to do one thing: chew food. Don’t do anything else with them! Many people have what are known as parafunctional habits. These include chewing ice, chewing on pen caps, (chewing on just about anything), and nail biting. All of these things have the potential to slowly destroy your teeth. Chewing on ice can easily break teeth or cause them to be more sensitive. Nail biting can cause chipping of the teeth or erosion of enamel, to say nothing of the germs you are introducing into your mouth.

Having a healthy mouth is really not all that difficult. It simply requires a bit of resolve and good habits. Once you make them, they are hard to break.

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