Implant Supported Crown Albuquerque, NM

Lost one or more teeth? Looking for the best and most durable options to replace them? Consider implant supported crown Albuquerque, NM. An implant-supported crown is a type of crown that is placed over to cover a dental implant instead of a natural tooth. An implant is a post that is surgically placed within the jawbone. Once the jawbone heals, the implants fuse to the bone. Once the implants have healed, an implant-supported crown can be screwed or cemented onto the implant.

Implant Supported CrownAlbuquerque, NM

Dental implants are small titanium posts that act as an artificial tooth roots to support a crown or denture. The implant is placed into the jawbone using a minor surgical procedure and stimulates the growth of new bone cells. This process is known as osseointegration. Once the implant has healed and is integrated with the jaw, the dentist can place an abutment on the dental implant to attach the final restoration. And as the last step, a dental crown is attached to the abutment to result in a natural-looking, healthier smile. 

Implant supported crown Albuquerque, NM, offers a number of benefits over traditional restorations, including:

  • Preserves healthy bone tissue in the jaw
  • More comfortable than dentures
  • Helps to restore oral function
  • Can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and regular checkups

Why Are Implant Supported Crown Albuquerque, Nm, Better Than Other Tooth Replacement Options?

One reason why implant supported crown Albuquerque, NM are better than other options is that they can get your jawbone and gums used to having a foreign object in your mouth. Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, so the bone has to slowly grow around them as they become part of the mouth. When an implant is placed into the jawbone, this triggers a process called bone remodeling, which is necessary for the implant to become firmly rooted in place. Bone remodeling helps strengthen the bone around the implant, which ensures that it will remain stable in the jaw without shifting or becoming loose in the future. This makes implants a more reliable choice than other restorations.

Another reason that dental implants are the best restoration option available is that they help preserve facial structure. If a tooth is lost due to decay or trauma, bone loss usually occurs as a result. This is because the bone is no longer stimulated when you bite down, which causes it to deteriorate over time and become weaker and more brittle. This can cause the face to change shape because there are fewer bones supporting the lips and the cheeks. A dental implant does not rely on neighboring teeth for support, so it can be placed within the empty space without affecting the surrounding teeth. This allows patients to maintain their natural smile without worrying about their faces changing over the years.

If you’re considering replacing any missing teeth with implant supported crown Albuquerque, NM, you should talk with one of our dentists at ABetter Smile Dentistryabout the best treatment options for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! 


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