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According to Colgate, there are approximately 74 million Americans without dental insurance. If you’re one of the millions without dental insurance because of the high-cost, different affordable options can help you. The NADP reports that public insurance programs such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance program are responsible for providing coverage for almost 84 million people across the country.
Most dental plans are a part of a health insurance policy and you’ll be prompted to choose a health insurance plan. You can do so during open enrollment which takes place from November to December. A special enrollment period is granted to those who have experienced a major life event such as losing your health insurance, losing your job, or getting married.
If you qualify and are looking for a Medicaid dentist in Albuquerque, our office is available for the dental care you need and prevent you from developing serious oral health problems. Qualifying for Medicaid or CHIP for your child is determined by your income. Both programs are free or low-cost insurance options. Medicaid coverage is determined by your income level and not all states offer Medicaid dental benefits. You can check the income limits for both Medicaid and CHIP in your state on will also give you information on whether you’re eligible for coverage.
Once you begin reviewing insurance plans, you may come across two different insurance options. Option one is referred to as the “high-option” plan where you pay more for the dental insurance premium each month, but a less amount out of pocket when you receive care. Option two is referred to as the “low-option” plan where you pay a lower monthly premium but have a higher deductible and higher co-payments. For more details,’s marketplace breaks these plans into four categories. These categories are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each one comes with different monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Review each plan carefully to see which one best fits your needs and is most affordable for you.
If you have any questions about choosing a Medicaid dentist in Albuquerque, please give our office a call at (505) 208-0505 and our staff will be happy to answer any questions and concerns you have.
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