When to Make An Emergency Dental Visit


There can be many situations where you can encounter a dental emergency. Here’s a dental emergency overview – it can occur anytime and anywhere in any manner.


It may be through an accident like falling down face first, or it can be inflicted by your own self or by someone, like in a brutal fistfight. It might also be due to mere carelessness like the accumulation of skipping dental habits, or it may have been an unexpected occurrence like a swollen reaction days after a previous operation.


Dental Emergency Situations


Knowing the situation is needed to determine if a dentist is the right person to approach for the emergency. To tackle specific issues from a dental emergency overview, we will be discussing these following situations wherein a dental visit is required:


·         Knocked-Out Teeth


When a permanent tooth is detached from the socket, the root ends up being exposed. If it can be reattached, that will be the best option. To improve the chances for a reattachment, using milk for rinsing or just settling on the portion of the mouth where the knocked-out teeth are is preferred.


·         Dental Pain


Any pain felt that keeps you up all night can’t be solved by any pain reliever. It’s better to have it checked by your dentist in order to conduct a proper diagnosis.


·         Bleeding and Swelling


Bleeding and swelling, from a medical perspective, are already considered an emergency brought about by infection or mere neglect. Any activity like brushing or flossing can only aggravate the solution, so it is best to consult your dentist as soon as possible.


·         Aesthetic Emergency


An example of an aesthetic emergency is a gap between your two front teeth. It may be a not a big deal, but if a situation arises that a certain gap can ruin specific decisions, then the state of being an emergency emerges. The longer the aesthetic issue is being ignored, the more severe the problem can get.


·         Difficult Baby Teeth


A baby tooth issue can cause discomfort to a child. Something can be done to deal with it at home, but as a concerned parent, it’s best to take your child to a dentist to have it treated.


How to Prevent Dental Emergencies


To avoid further mishaps that can lead to an emergency or increase the chances of withstanding any close calls, here are some tips you want to consider:


·         Secure foreign objects away from your children’s reach

·         Use a mouth guard on high-intensity situations

·         Avoid being tempted to click any tongue piercing

·         Stop chewing ice

·         Utilize a bottle opener in opening bottle caps

·         Secure first aid solutions for dental emergencies



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