Dental Cleanings

One of the most important procedures for keeping your teeth healthy are dental cleanings. The hygienists at Dr. Bao’s office can get your teeth clean and healthy just be doing these routine cleanings. This also takes a lot of work on your part. You must brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis. Dr. Bao does recommend that you have your teeth cleaned every six months to make sure they stay as clean as they can, and to reach those hard places in your mouth.
What To Expect From a Cleaning
Your cleaning should only last about 30 minutes, but sometimes they run longer, around an hour. Dental cleanings are pretty easy and painless. The hygienist at Dr. Bao’s office will do the cleaning and then he will come to check if there are any other dental issues that need to be seen.
The steps to dental cleanings are all very important to your dental health. There are two big steps to a dental cleaning. The first step is called scaling. This is when the hygienist takes off the plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth. They will also check your gums for any extra debris that has built up that your flossing has not gotten. Many hygienists will do this by hand, but there are some that choose to use electronic scalers. The final step to a dental cleaning is a final polishing and buffing of the teeth. The tools used for this step are made for those hard to reach spots to make your teeth and gums feel even healthier.
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