Comfort and Relaxation

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Do you have anxiety about dental procedures?


As part of providing comfort and reducing anxiety for our patients during procedures, we offer a variety of options for your comfort and relaxation.


NOTE - Some options are no/low cost options, while others are larger cost add-ons that may not be covered by your insurance. Not all options are appropriate for all treatments. We can review each of these with you as we develop a treatment plan for you as part of an initial appointment. 


General Options

  • Television - Find a program and immerse yourself with TV's in-front of you or above you while treatment is being done.
  • Music - Listen to music in your room while treatment is being done to put your mind at ease.


Medical Options


  • "Painless injections" - A series of changes to normal injections to reduce/eliminate the pain/trauma associated with traditional injection techniques. These injections are localized in the mouth near where the dental procedures are preformed.
  • Oral Sedatives - A tablet based sedative can be prescribed before dental procedures to make the procedure easier to accomplish.  These have an effect on the whole body but are usually mild (i.e. Just take the edge off). 
  • Inhaled Sedative - An inhaled based sedative (such as Nitrous Oxide) can be prescribed during a dental procedure to make the procedure easier to accomplish. These are typically odorless/colorless, cause some tingle in the fingers/toes, and wear off shortly after removed. 
  • IV Sedation (coming soon to our office) - Where a prescribed intravenious solution is used to cause relaxation while in the dental chair as part of a procedure.


Things to know


  • Some side effects are possible. 
  • Your medical condition/history may prevent use of some/all of these techniques.
  • Typically these options provide varying degrees of relaxation, but you will be able to respond during the dental procedure. 
  • You may or may not remember much of the appointment afterwards.
  • Depending on the option(s), you may need a driver/chaparone to the procedure and help for aftercare.


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