Implant Supported Dentures: Process, Benefits, And Care

Implant Supported Dentures: Process, Benefits, And Care

Teeth loss can occur due to a number of reasons like gum disease, poor oral hygiene, facial trauma, tooth decay, drug abuse or smoking, etc. If you have lost any of your natural teeth, and are struggling with chewing your food properly or speaking clearly because of a missing tooth, then you may need to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible. Also, if your removable dentures are not fitting properly anymore, and you find them uncomfortable, then you may be ready to explore all of your options for replacing your missing teeth before more problems arise. When teeth loss occurs in adults, implant-supported dentures can be a secure and effective choice to replace their missing teeth and keep their mouth healthy.

Implant-Supported Dentures 

An implant-supported denture is an overdenture retained by dental implants. The denture sits on top of the gums and is held in place through attachments, which clip onto the abutments of the implants. 

Patients often like implant-supported dentures because the restoration feels very secure in the mouth. They do not have to worry about the denture coming loose or falling out while talking, eating, or laughing. In addition, this dental implant option helps preserve the jaw bone structure. When a patient loses a tooth, the bone begins to deteriorate because it is no longer being stimulated by the tooth roots. Implant-supported dentures slow this process down because the root of the tooth is being stimulated again. In turn, the jawbone remains strong and healthy.

What Is The Process of Placing Implant-Supported Dentures?

The process of placing an implant-supported denture is similar to the process of placing a dental implant. Before the dentist can begin the procedure, he or she must place the implant posts into the patient’s jawbone. This surgery is done under local anesthesia to numb the area and prevent pain. After the implants are placed, the gum tissue is sutured closed over the post where it meets the bone so that it heals properly. This process takes anywhere from three to eight months to complete. Once the implant has healed, the abutment is attached, and the denture is placed on top of it to complete the restoration process.


When you lose a tooth, the surrounding bone and gums begin to weaken in your jaw. Implant-supported dentures are secured into the gum line using dental implants. These implants take the place of your natural tooth root and prevent further bone loss. Because these teeth are supported by dental implants, they look and feel just like natural teeth.

How To Take Care of Implant-Supported Dentures?

Taking care of your dental implants and your restoration is very important, as if improperly maintained, they may become damaged, loose, or fall off. Your dentist will want to see you for regular checkups to ensure that the implants are doing well and that the dentures stay in place. If properly cared for, dental implant-supported dentures can last your entire life with little to no maintenance. You will need to brush the gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day and floss once daily to help protect against plaque and tartar buildup. With proper oral hygiene habits, you can maximize the lifespan of your restorations and be able to restore your oral health.

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