Helpful Tips By Dr. Li Bao To Ease Dental Fear

Helpful Tips By Dr. Li Bao To Ease Dental Fear

Dental anxiety is one of the most common fears people have. Many people avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid of the dentist. Dental anxiety can make it difficult to go to the dentist for regular teeth cleanings or to get needed dental work done. If you have dental fear, here are a few helpful tips from Dr. Li Bao at A Better Smile Dentistry to ease them.

Discuss your fear with your dentist

It is important to let Dr. Li Bao know if you feel uneasy or scared. Be honest and tell him how you feel. Dr. Bao will make the necessary adjustments to make your visit to A Better Smile Dentistry as comfortable as possible.

Agree on a signal

If there is something that you want to communicate to Dr. Li Bao during the procedure, agree upon a signal beforehand. It can be something as simple as raising your hand or nodding your head every time you feel uncomfortable or need a break. When Dr. Li Bao sees your signal, he will stop the procedure immediately. This can help a lot in easing anxiety since you will know when to take a break even if you don’t want to ask outright. You can use the same technique to tell Dr. Li Bao that you are feeling pain so he would adjust the treatment accordingly.

Bring a friend or family member for support

Having someone else be with you while you are in A Better Smile Dentistry dental office can be very helpful. They can help you relax throughout the procedure and even help you communicate with Dr. Li Bao if need be. While some patients do just fine without assistance, others greatly benefit from having someone there with them to help them feel at ease. Talk to your dentist about the different options that you have available when it comes to bringing another person to the appointment with you.

Bring distractions with you

Some patients like to bring a book or magazine to read while seated in the dentist’s chair. Others choose to listen to music on their headphones or even watch TV on the screen mounted in their operatory. All of these things can help to distract you from the noises and sensations that you may experience. Distractions allow you to remain calmer throughout the process, as well as aid you in mentally preparing for the procedure. 

Consider sedation dentistry

If you are afraid of undergoing dental procedures, Dr. Li Bao may recommend you opt for oral conscious sedation or IV sedation. These forms of anesthesia will help you feel relaxed and calm while receiving dental treatment. However, these treatments require pre-medication and post-medication. This means you need to plan at least a day in advance as well as a day after the treatment. Also, you will have to be accompanied by a caretaker who will drive you to and from your appointments. This may not be convenient for everyone. So discuss all your concerns with Dr. Li Bao before opting for sedation dentistry.

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