Effects & Treatments of Missing Teeth

Effects & Treatments of Missing Teeth

Once a person experiences tooth loss, there are other ailments that will follow. Here are the common effects that happen for a person with missing teeth plus the treatments that are possible.

Effects of Tooth Loss

Leading up to tooth loss caused by tooth decay a person can experience pain and sensitivity. This tends to continue even after tooth loss. If the loss was caused by an injury, this can be more prevalent. Whether or not there is pain associated with tooth loss, it is always important to seek professional help.

While not immediate, some other effects can occur from tooth loss. These include:

  • Trouble eating
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Trouble with basic activities which could worsen over time
  • Shifting teeth in the jaw
  • Crooked teeth as a result of shifting
  • Bite problem caused by misalignment

In addition, missing teeth can lead to an overall weakening of the mouth structure. Over time, this can lead to even further tooth or bone loss and injury.

Treatment of Tooth Loss

Nobody needs to live without teeth; there are plenty of treatments available to fill in the gaps. The most permanent option is with a dental implant or implant-supported bridge. An oral surgeon can implant small titanium screws directly into the jaw. This acts as an artificial tooth root and offers the patient long-term strength and durability for the false teeth. Most people cannot tell the difference between their implanted teeth and real teeth because they feel and look natural.

In addition, there are some non-surgical options available to patients.  While these don’t last as long, they are less expensive. Some options include:

Dentures– removable restorations that replace a missing tooth or teeth

Dental Bridges– permanently attached false teeth to dental crowns that close the gaps in a mouth

Implants- A modern and popular tooth replacement option. 

If you are suffering from tooth loss, there are options available to you.  Don’t live any longer with the ailments that come from having missing teeth. Ask us for an appointment to discuss the best treatment plan for your situation. Then, you can start smiling again!


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