5 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Dental Bridges

5 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are dental prostheses that are used to replace missing teeth. They can be made of porcelain, metal, or dental composite material. Dental bridges are one of the most common dental treatments for restoring a smile because they cover gaps created by lost teeth and allow you to chew more efficiently. For these reasons, dental bridges will help improve your confidence level and your quality of life. Here are reasons to get dental bridges.

1. Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

Dental bridges are used to fill in one or more gaps created by damaged teeth. They help make up for any missing tooth structure and support surrounding teeth, restoring a healthy function while maintaining ideal spacing between neighboring natural teeth. When you have dental implants placed alongside the bridge, it will blend seamlessly with your facial features giving you an even more beautiful smile.

Additionally, dental bridges are also aesthetically attractive because they will perfectly match your teeth, giving you a beautiful smile. When missing one or more teeth, it is hard to enjoy your favorite foods and socialize with others due to embarrassment about how bad your teeth look. Tooth bridging allows you to restore the aesthetics of your smile for life.

2. Improve the Health of Your Teeth and Gums

When you lose one or more teeth, it is easier for food to become trapped between neighboring natural teeth, causing plaque buildup along with bad breath. This will increase your risk of developing gum disease over time and tooth decay, leading to even further complications that may require additional dental treatments such as root canal therapy or extractions.

On the other hand, if you have a missing tooth structure restored via dental implants, this decreases the odds of contracting these diseases. In addition, unlike removable dentures, dental bridges are fixed in place and will not come loose or shift around, which can also help reduce the risk of damage to neighboring teeth.

3. Increase Your Self-Esteem

Restoring a missing tooth with dental implants can also help increase your confidence level and overall quality of life. It is hard to go through the day without being embarrassed about how bad your teeth look when gaps are created from lost molars. If this was caused by an accident or injury, it would be even harder to deal with since people may notice and comment on them behind your back. Dental bridging allows you to enjoy foods again while socializing with others which can greatly improve one's mood over time. In turn, this increases feelings of positivity that will put a smile on anyone's face for life.

4. Improve Chewing Abilities

Dental bridges can significantly improve your daily life by restoring proper function to an area of the mouth that is most needed for eating and speaking. When you lose one or more teeth, it will become much harder to chew food and enjoy certain dishes. Dental implants in place alongside a bridge will provide stability with neighboring natural teeth, which increases the odds of successfully biting down on various foods without causing strain on surrounding structures.

5. Improve your overall health

Dental bridges can also improve your overall health by reducing the risk of contracting common oral problems like gum disease and tooth decay. These conditions should not be taken lightly because they will increase the odds of developing other serious medical issues, including cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, replacing missing teeth with dental implants or a bridge reduces these risks significantly.

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Dental Bridges are a great investment for anyone who wants to fix gaps in their smile or repair damaged tooth structure by replacing missing molars with artificial substitutes that blend seamlessly into one's facial features, all while improving the appearance of someone's smile! At A Better Smile Dentistry, we offer a variety of dental bridge solutions that are not only affordable but also high-quality to ensure you get the best possible results. Contact us today for more information about how our cosmetic dentist can improve your smile!


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