Get To Know Teeth With Your Dentist in Albuquerque, NM

Did you know your teeth are amazing? It's true! Here are some interesting facts about your pearly whites:
1. You have four kinds of teeth
· Incisors - your front teeth with a sharp lower edge designed for cutting
· Canines - also called cuspids - the pointed teeth meant for tearing
· Premolars - also called bicuspids - between the canines and the molars, these teeth are designed for both tearing and grinding
· Molars - these teeth in the back are perfect for grinding
2. Your enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, is harder than any other substance in your body. It can still be damaged, though, so no cracking walnuts with your teeth!
3. Which side you use to chew your food correlates with which hand is dominant. If you're right handed, you'll mostly chew on the right side of your mouth, and if you're left handed you'll mostly use the left side.
4. Tooth prints, like fingerprints, are one of a kind. The placement, size and shape of each tooth is unique, which means that no one smiles the way you do!
5. One of Sir Isaac Newton's teeth was sold in 1816 for $3,633 ($35,700 in today's dollars) and set in a ring.
6. Only two-thirds of your tooth is visible. The other third is below the gum line.
7. Your teeth contain isotopes that are unique to where you grew up.
8. Your teeth also contain stem cells that might one day be used by doctors to grow new teeth.
9. Back in the middle ages, people thought cavities were caused by tooth worms! We know now they are caused by bacteria.
10. About 35 percent of people never grow wisdom teeth. Scientists believe it possible that one day, far in the future, no one will grow wisdom teeth.
11. Even though babies don't get their first teeth until around six months, the tooth buds for both the baby teeth and most of the adult teeth are already present at birth. The only exception is wisdom teeth, which don't develop until adolescence.
12. Unlike your bones, teeth cannot repair themselves, so it's important to take good care of them!
Your teeth are incredible, so make sure you brush, floss, and visit your dentist in Albuquerque, NM so they will be with you for your whole life! A Better Smile Dentistry can be reached at (505) 208-0505. Give Dr. Bao's office a call today!


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